5 Simple Ways to Pursue Financial Freedom

Jan 2, 2024

Financial freedom changes lives.

It’s our tagline and, if nothing else, a nice turn of phrase. But how do we know if it’s true?  

After decades of partnering with hardworking Americans, we’ve seen the impact, the tears, the relief, and the joy as people reach their goals and know they will be okay.  

The sacrifices it takes to get there are worth it because when you are financially free, you can:

  • Retire from an overwhelming career to volunteer, using your skills to make a difference for those in need. 
  • Work less so you have time and energy to help an ailing family member heal.  
  • Reach retirement age with enough to support you and those who still depend on you. 
  • Meet your needs and use any extra funds to support the causes you care about. 
  • Pay off debt, forever releasing that extra pressure. 
  • Live with the confidence that you are not a financial burden to those around you. 

Financial freedom is unique to you and your family, but whether it helps you pivot, achieve your goals, help others, or identify your calling, it can change your life.  

What can you do today to pursue financial freedom? Here are five simple steps to get started:  

1. Build a Plan

All Americans benefit from setting financial goals and developing a written plan. If you want to volunteer more, send a loved one to school, or live comfortably after you retire, you need to see the big picture and run scenarios to confirm your success rate.  

Financial planners use specialized software to build, stress test, and adjust plans as necessary. They can help you review your plan each year to ensure it still aligns with your goals and confirm that risks will not derail you. 

2. Value Expert Advice

Many people live convinced that, no matter how complicated their financial world is or how consequential their decision making becomes, they can handle everything on their own.  

In reality, having an investment expert, planning expert, and service expert on your team can amplify the life-changing impact of financial freedom. It’s powerful to have someone in your corner who understands what you need and care about. It gives you confidence, helps you invest wisely, and creates opportunities you may otherwise miss.  

3. Work Hard and Steward Well

We love partnering with people who understand the power of working hard and spending less than they earn. It’s easy to live for the things you want today – an RV, an easy work schedule, vacations, a nice house – but if those things are beyond your means, they can hinder your ability to enjoy life and live freely in the long term.

The true American Dream is not about the accumulation of assets. It’s about asking, “How can I work and provide for myself and others?”

4. Change Your Mindset

Accept what you can and can’t control, minimize the fear of the future and the greed of consumerism, and stick to the experts’ advice, even when the media is telling you something different. Financial freedom will feel empty – if not impossible – if you don’t release undue stress, pressure, drama, and envy from your financial life. Be honest with your advisor about the things that are weighing you down. 

5. Understand the Power of Challenges

Financial freedom involves sacrifice and responsibility, but in the process of becoming financially free, you will learn trust and perseverance that can help you moving forward.

Sometimes, financial freedom means having the time, money, and energy to face a whole new challenge – a sick family member, a loss, the unknown – but you will be better equipped to handle these struggles after working hard to be financially free in the first place.  

Pursuing financial freedom is challenging, but it’s worth it. Life change always is. 

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