Estate Planning

Fulfill your legacy exactly as planned.

Estate planning can be a challenging and emotional experience. Effective estate management enables you to manage your affairs during your lifetime, control the distribution of your wealth after death, spell out your healthcare wishes, and ensure that they’re carried out–even if you can’t communicate.   

When you work with Credent, you can rest assured that your advisors have a holistic view of your finances, your wishes, and your goals. We can work with your attorney so that your estate plan is a part of your financial plan. You don’t want your assets to end up in probate, delaying distribution to those you love. By having an estate plan as a part of your larger financial plan, you can be confident that your wishes will be implemented exactly as you want. 

Our expert advisors can help you: 

Create an overall legacy plan that takes into account your financial plan, estate plans, tax efficiencies, and your current life vision.
Feel confident knowing you have a trusted team to manage your legacy and its implementation.
Safeguard your wealth for future generations of your family.
Explore ways to provide long-lasting and impactful charitable contributions.

Learn How to Protect Your Family and your legacy:

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