Investment Management 

Make the most of your wealth now and in the future.

You have life goals. You know when you want to retire and how you want to live in retirement. Now it’s time to make sure you have the money you need to make that life a reality.   

Using your life goals as a baseline, our team will build out your portfolio, track its success, and shift strategies as needed so your finances are always aligned with how you want to live your life now and during retirement. As a fee-only wealth management firm, you can rest assured your investment strategy is designed with your success as the main priority.   

At Credent, streamline your goals with one team and plan. Our multi-strategy approach empowers you to diversify your investments seamlessly, complemented by a sliding fee schedule that lowers your cost percentage as your investment grows.

Your investment
management team will:

Maintain an objective-driven investment management process.
Share and implement actionable insights gained from market and economic activity.
Employ risk management guidelines.
Communicate and collaborate closely with your financial planning team.

Learn how to navigate the market and economy like an expert:

Our View of 2024: Q1 Update

Our View of 2024: Q1 Update

The pursuit of excess investment returns since 2022 has been predominantly determined by having substantial investments in the top 10 companies of the S&P 500 Index, as measured by market capitalization. Forgoing an oversized commitment to those 10 companies would...

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Our View of 2024: January Update

Our View of 2024: January Update

Increasingly OptimisticConsumer health will dominate headlines in 2024 as the eventual recession becomes a reality. The onset of a recession is a lagging indicator and represents a normalized shift in the business cycle, one that has occurred every 6.5 years since...

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