Charitable Giving 

Make a difference. Leave your mark. 

Providing financial support to organizations and causes that are meaningful to you can bring a great deal of satisfaction into your life, and you’ll want to make sure you’re donating your money in a way that will provide the highest impact today and in the future. By making charitable giving one part of your overall financial plan, our advisors can help you contribute in the most effective way for both you and the charity

Our expert advisors can help you: 

Maximize your donations.
Make your donations as tax-efficient as possible.
Create and implement a plan for legacy donations to chosen charities.

Learn more about charitable giving and how you can make the largest impact: 

Real Estate: A Form of Charitable Giving

In unpredictable economic times, many donors may be wary of making large donations of cash, even to charities they would otherwise like to support. Nonprofits are, therefore, increasingly encouraging donors to make gifts of non-liquid assets, including real estate....

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Thinking About Donating Your Stock to Charity?

Doing so is a powerful tax strategy to optimize your charitable giving. For investors seeking to support charitable causes while maximizing their tax benefits, donating stock instead of cash can provide significant advantages. By contributing appreciated securities to...

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